API Proxies or Custom Actions, allows your organization to integrate your services better with the workflows in Cobalt. These help you develop Custom Actions for your workflows which can be used to fetch data of the workflows to your system.

You can learn in detail about API Proxies in our guide here.

Create API Proxy

Follow these steps to create an API Proxy:

  1. Create Action : - Navigate to Developer in Cobalt > API Proxies > Click on the New Action button > provide a Name and Description for the API Proxy > Click on the Create Action button.

    Create an API Proxy in Cobalt
  2. Configure the Fields : Click on the Fields tab > Click Edit > And add Custom fields for your action.

  3. Configure the API Call : Click on the API Call tab > Click Edit > Configure the API call to be executed upon triggering the action by defining HTTP Method, Path Params etc.

    Create an API Call for Custom Action


Congratulations!! You have created an API Proxy successfully which can be used to read data from the workflows and use it.