1. Jira App is enabled in Cobalt.
  2. Jira OAuth app credentials added to Cobalt. Refer here.
  3. Trigger created in Cobalt. Refer here.
  4. Linked Account available. Refer here.

Building a Workflow

We’ll create a Jira Workflow in Cobalt which can create an issue in a Project given by the user. For this, we’ll first find the project based on it’s name and then create an issue in it.

1. Create Workflow in app

  • Go to your Apps catalog in Cobalt > Search for Jira > Workflows > Add Workflow > Choose Manually > Give it a name and click on Add Workflow.
Navigation for Workflow setup

2. Adding the Trigger

To add a trigger for a Workflow in Cobalt, you need to select details about the Trigger like the Type and which trigger to be implemented.

To add a Trigger, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Start node to add a trigger.
  • In the right side, select the Type and the Trigger and click on the Add Trigger button.
Start Node Trigger

For this Workflow, we have created an Event Details of Issue which contains the payload like the project name, issue description, priority etc. about the event sent by you to Jira.

3. Adding the Jira Action

  • From Actions, add a Jira node to the workflow.
  • Click on the node and select an Action from the Choose an Action dropdown menu.
  • Choose the List Projects Action to get a list of all the projects in Jira.
  • Next, use a Transform Node to find the Project ID based on the Project Name.

Learn more about the Transform Node here.

  • Add another Jira node, choose Create Issue as the Action and provide the required fields like Project ID, Issue-type ID etc. and click on Save.

Before clicking on Save, make sure that you have entered data for all the mandatory fields whichever required.

Jira Node
  • Connect all the nodes by clicking on + button on the node and dragging the arrow to the Jira node.

4. Publishing the Workflow

  • To publish the workflow, click on the Publish button in the top, Select Environments of the Workflow and click on Publish.
Publish Workflow

Enabling the Workflow

To enable a workflow, end user or a Linked Account needs to Toggle On the Workflow after connecting with the application.

  • Navigate to the Linked Account in which the Workflow needs to be enabled by getting its’ Hosted URL.
Navigate to Linked Account
  • Go to the Hosted URL and select Jira from Manage your Integrations list.
  • Click on the Connect button > Review the permissions and allow them for a successful connection.
Enable Workflow in Linked Account
  • After a successful connection, you can see the Configure section in the Pardot Application page.
  • Enable the Workflow Create Issue by turning the toggle On and click on Save.

Fire an App Event

Lastly, we’ll fire an App Event whenever a contact is created in your app by using the Workflow.

  • Navigate to Try API in Cobalt.
  • Choose the Linked Account created to test the workflow, select the Event and Jira as the Application.
  • Click on the Fire Event button in the top right.
Fire an App Event
  • You can check the status of the event by navigating to Logs > Events in Cobalt.

Congratulations! We have successfully built a Jira integration that creates an issue from your app to your Linked account’s Jira Project.