This guide walks you through the setup process for creating and configuring a custom app within Cobalt, covering essential steps such as defining credentials and authorization methods.

Creating a Custom App

The first step in setting up a custom app is creating it within the Cobalt platform.

To create a Custom App, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Apps section in Cobalt and click on the + Add App button in the top right corner.
Create a Custom App in Cobalt
  • Choose Manually > Give the Custom App Name > Provide a Slug and a Description if required > Click on Create App.

Slug will be auto-generated from the App Name if not provided by the user

  • Click on Enable in the top right if the user wants to enable the app for the Linked Accounts.
  • Details about the App like Name, Category, Slug etc can be edited in the Overview section of the App. Click on the Edit icon, change the details and click on Save changes.
Custom App Details in Cobalt

To delete a Custom App, simply click on the Bin icon in the top-right and click on Delete to confirm it.

Configuring Credentials and Authorization

Effective integration of a custom app requires proper configuration of credentials and authorization methods. Custom Apps support 4 authentication methods which are Key Based, OAuth 1, OAuth 2.0 and No Auth for the app.

To setup the Authorization for the Custom App, navigate to Authorization in the App and choose the desired method.

To learn more about the Authorization methods in Custom Apps, refer here.
Custom App Authorization

Linked Account Connecting to Custom App

Once your custom app is set up and authenticated, a Linked Account can connect to the Custom App just like any other integration available in Cobalt. Depending on the Authorization method configured, the Linked Account will be required to follow different steps to connect.

Linked account connecting to Custom App