Chargify is an API Key based integration and does not require the setup of an app.

Required Credentials of a Linked Account

To successfully connect with the Chargify integration, a Linked Account or an end-user will need to provide the following to connect:

  1. API Key
  2. Base URL

To understand how a Linked Account can get the above mentioned credentials, refer below.

Getting Credentials of Maxio Chargify

To acquire the required credentials and connect a Linked Account, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Connect a Linked Account
  1. Log in to your Chargify account.
  2. Click on Select a Site dropdown in the side menu and choose a site .
Navigation in Chargify
  1. Copy the Base URL of your site now.
  2. Click on Config in the side menu > Choose Integrations > Select API Keys.
  3. Click on the New API Key button and copy the API key displayed.

Copy the API Key as it will not be shown again.

Getting Credentials

Actions and triggers

In Cobalt, you can create orchestrations of your use-cases using Chargify actions and triggers. Following are the set of Chargify actions and triggers supported by Cobalt.