HiBob is an API Key based integration and does not require the setup of an app.

Required Credentials of a Linked Account

To successfully connect with the HiBob integration, a Linked Account or an end-user will need to provide the following to connect:

  1. Service ID
  2. Service Token

To understand how a Linked Account can get the above mentioned credentials, refer below.

Getting Credentials of HiBob

To acquire the required credentials and connect a Linked Account, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Connect a Linked Account
  1. Log in to your HiBob account.
  2. Go to Settings in the side menu and click on Integrations.
Navigation in HiBob
  1. Click on Connect or Manage in the Service Users card and create a new Service User.
  2. Enter a Service User Name and a Display Name > Click on Next > Copy the Service ID and Service Token displayed.

Copy the Service Token as it will not be shown again.

Getting Credentials

Permissions for Service User

By default, Service Users in HiBob are created with no access permissions/scopes and need to be added in a permission group with the relevant permissions. You need to create a specific permissions group for Service Users and add the service user to that group.

Create Permission group

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Permission Groups in your HiBob account.
  2. Click on + Add Permission Group > Provide a Group Name > Select Select people by condition in Group members > Click Select People.
  3. Delete the default Conditions given > Click on Add Specific Employees > Service Users > Select the Service Users > Click on Apply > Click Create.
Creating Permission Group

Permissions in the Group

  1. In the Group, under Features tab, go to API Access and enable Manage REST API Token > Click on Save > Click on Apply.
  2. Also add other permissions which are required based on your Actions requirements.
Permissions of the group

The Linked Account or end-user now have all the credentials required to connect with HiBob.

Actions and triggers

In Cobalt, you can create orchestrations of your use-cases using HiBob actions and triggers. Following are the set of HiBob actions and triggers supported by Cobalt.