Marketo is an API Key based integration and does not require the setup of an app.

Required Credentials of a Linked Account

To successfully connect with the Marketo integration, a Linked Account or an end-user will need to provide the following to connect:

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. REST Endpoint
  4. Identity Endpoint

To understand how a Linked Account can get the above mentioned credentials, refer here.

Getting Credentials of Marketo

To acquire the required credentials and connect a Linked Account, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Connect a Linked Account
  1. Log in to your Marketo account.
  2. Click on the Admin option in the top nav bar and select LaunchPoint under Integration in the side menu .
Navigation in Marketo
  1. Click on New > New Service option.
  2. Enter the Display Name for your application, select Service as Custom, give it a description, select the user in API Only User and click on Create.
  3. Select the Custom_app created and click on View Details. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret of the user.
Getting Credentials
  1. Click on Web Services under Integration in the side menu > Scroll down to REST API section and copy the REST Endpoint and Identity.
Getting Endpoints

The Linked Account or end-user now have all the credentials required to connect with Marketo.