Follow the steps given below to create your Pardot account.

1. Sign Up for Pardot Org

Sign up on below link Once you fill the signup form, you will receive an email and you can set your password.

2. Install Package

3. Setup Pardot Business Unit

  • Go to Setup > Search for Account Engagement > Business Unit Setup > Give the Business Unit name and assign an Admin > Click on Save.
Pardot Business Unit Setup

4. Enable Pardot Lightning App in Marketing Setup

  • Click on the Gear icon in the top nav bar and select Marketing Setup.
  • In Marketing Setup, go to Setup Assistant > Beyond the Basics > Toggle on the Turn on Account Engagement Lightning App permission.
Toggle on the App

5. Assign Permission set

  • We can assign Permission Sets to our user like CRM, Sales etc. For now, we are assigning Sales Cloud User Permission set.
  • Go to Setup > User > Permission Set > Select Sales Cloud User.
Assign Permission Set to the user
  • Click on Manage Assignments > Click on Add Assignment > Select a User > Click on Next > Assign the user with a role.

6. Pardot managed connected App settings

  • Now go back to Setup by clicking on the Gear icon in the top nav bar.
  • Search for Manage Connected Apps > Click on Edit in b2bma_canvas and make sure it’s configured as shown below.
Pardot managed connected App settings in b2bma_canvas

7. Access your Pardot App

The Pardot App Setup is now complete and you can access it by login with Salesforce to the link below:

You can learn about how to setup the OAuth app for Pardot here.

Congratulations!! You have now successfully setup a Pardot Business Unit in your Salesforce account.