Welcome to Cobalt!

Cobalt is a dev tool to enable SaaS companies add 3rd party native integration. This allows teams to avoid the cost, time, and risk that comes with building and maintaining their own integrations solution. A single installation of cobalt takes just a couple hours and enables your application to support integrations with the most popular SaaS apps.

Example use cases for your end customers

  • Sync your customers' Salesforce records to display in your app
  • Create events in your customers' Google Calendar from events in your app
  • Sync your customers' Google Calendar events to display in your app
  • Send notifications to your customers' Slack workspaces
  • Update your customers' Salesforce records with data from your app

Before getting started

If you haven't created an account, head over to the Signup Page and create a new account. Use company name and unique email id to create an account. Afterward you will be redirected to the dashboard of cobalt.
Go to the Application key page in the Cobalt dashboard. Copy your production and staging application key.

How Cobalt works?

This guide will get you up and running with Cobalt. It will show you how to: