Setup App Events

App Events are custom events that are sent programmatically from your application via the API to trigger Workflows.
For example, you might send a "Contact Created" App Event from your application to trigger a Workflow that creates a matching contact in your users' Salesforce CRM.
Create an event
To create an event, go to the Your App
page in Cobalt dashboard. Under the event tab click on add new event. Next, enter the name and event schema of your Event. The event schema that you enter here should be an example payload sent from your application to Cobalt.
The event schema must be a valid JSON object, and can contain any arbitrary JSON.
App Events can be sent from your application using the REST API to the below endpoint unique to your application.
You must pass two parameters:
  • name - the event name defined in your App Event
  • payload - the event payload that should match the event schema defined in your App Event
See the code examples below for how to send App Events using the Cobalt SDK or API.
// Trigger the "Contact Created" App Event
// Headers
x-api-key: <Your Key>
Content-Type: application/json
linked_account_id: <Linked Account ID>
config_id (optional): <Passed during saving the config>
"linked_account_id": <Linked Account ID>,
"trigger_name": "Contact Created",
"payload": {
"name": "Abhishek",
"email": "[email protected]"
You can copy your exact payload once you save the event on the cobalt dashboard. When sending live events from your application, Cobalt will not validate that your event payload matches the defined event schema.