1. Create a developer account

Depending on the DocuSign APIs you plan to work with, you may need to take additional steps to gain access to your desired functionality.
  • For the eSignature REST API, DocuSign Admin API, Click API, Monitor API, Rooms API, and other APIs, you can create a developer account to gain access.

2. Add an app

Next, you add an app to your developer account. On the DocuSign platform, an app is a set of parameters that are used to identify and configure an integration.
  • You can add an app manually, setting configuration values and choosing your authentication type in the UI through the Apps and Keys page.
  • Click Apps and key under Authentication mentioned in sidebar
Select an OAuth authentication type
After you create an app, you choose an OAuth authentication type for your app. DocuSign supports three OAuth 2.0 grant types for obtaining access tokens, each designed for use with a specific type of integration.
  • Click Actions and Click on Edit
  • Click on Add Secret Key

3. Configure your app

After you choose an OAuth type, you may configure the following settings for your app.
Integration key & Secret must be entered in Client ID field of Cobalt
Redirect URI must be entered in the redirect URI in Docusign as shown below:
Below mentioned data is found in Apps and keys page which are required for integration
  • API Account ID- API account ID mentioned in My account information in Apps and keys page
  • Secret Key - Mentioned in Authentication in Apps and keys page
  • Integration Key - Mentioned in Apps and integration in Apps and keys page
  • Account Base URI - mentioned in My account information in Apps and keys page