Cobalt allows custom configurations for any application. You can control various functionalities the user can or cannot access. You can add additional settings for your users which they can see once they have connected the app during the auth flow. You can see and configure individual workflows those have been published and choose to show them to the users or not.

Adding application settings for your customers

Many a times it becomes imminent to take an input from the customer for any of your application’s orchestration to work. For example, lets say you have created workflows to send messages on a slack channel for your end customer and you want your users to write the message dynamically from you app’s auth flow portal and choose a channel from their workspace. This can be achieved by adding two fields one each for message and channel as settings in Cobalt’s app configuration portal.

Follow the below steps:

  • Go to Apps under the Settings side menu
  • Select the application that you want to configure
  • Click on the Configure option and you can see the preview of your app settings as seen by your user on the left and Configure Portal on the right
  • Under the settings section, click on Add new setting option
  • Provide the input field name that your user would see as the title
  • Select type. The type of the field can be any of the native types such as text, number, select etc, or dynamic lists of items of that particular application supported by Cobalt such as list of pipelines, of list of channels to choose from, as mentioned in the above example scenario.
  • Select dependent field if any. For example, if you want your user to enter some value in their google worksheet by selecting if from a list, they first need to select the respective Spreadsheet. Here the Spreadsheet field becomes a dependent field for the Workseet field. Click on Dependency and select from any of previously created fields on which your current field is dependent.