Linked Account represent your end users’ connections between your app and third-party platforms.Linked accounts need to have a unique ID. You can freely choose a consumer ID yourself. Most of the time, this is an ID of your internal data model that represents a user or account in your system (for example account:12345). If the consumer doesn’t exist yet, we will upsert a consumer based on your ID.Cobalt will store all the end customer tokens against an unique linked account id provided by you. This API creates a Linked Account for the user for whose behalf you’d be calling the Cobalt APIs. The api expects linked_account_id as a mandatory field.

linked_account_idstringMandatory. Unique id of the end customer
payload (Optional)objectIn the object, you can set a name of the end customer
try {
    await Client.createLinkedAccount({
        linked_account_id:"<Account Id of the user eg:>",
            name: "<Name for the account>",
} catch(error){
    //Catch any error

Learn about Linked Accounts in detail in our Linked Account guide.