Cobalt lets you define settings for your end customers after they authorize an application. You take inputs from your end customers to facilitate your desired orchestration. To do so, Cobalt supports various types of fields to define the settings.

Field types supported by Cobalt

Primitive field types

Primitive field types are the basic input types defned by Cobalt. Text, Number, Select, Email & Date fields can be used by the users to take inputs with the respective types from the user.

You can let you customers select from a list of options defined by you, using the Select field type.

Select field type with options in Cobalt

The end customer can select a value from your defined options, Which can then be used in a workflow orchestration.

Select field types

There might arise conditions where you want your end customers to select from a list which is platform specific and cannot be configured using Primitive field types. For example, List of Stages or List of Tags. Such lists are platform specific and prone to changes. As a result hard coding the options using Primitive field types is not recommended. To cater to such issues, Cobalt provides Select Fields.

To use Select fields, create a setting as any and select the type from the list of Select fields available. The users can then select from the options defined for the field which is fetched from the platform in real time. The below image shows the list of Pipedrive Select fields to choose from.

Pipedrive dynamic fields

Map type Select fields

Some of the select fields are of Map type. These fields are used to map a platform defined list of properties to the triggers payload properties being sent by you. For example, Custom Contact fields. You can define labels and ask the users to map the labels with the required custom properties defined in the platform.

In the example, a map type field is being configured to map Department, and Shift to any Pipedrive property. Your customer can select from the options agains the labels Department or Shift, any properties fetched from Pipedrive’s Contact fields list in real time.

Pipedrive map fields