Hosted flow is a no-code solution, so you don’t need to build your own UI to handle the integration authentication and configuration. Behind the scenes, hosted flow implements the cobalt API endpoints and handles the following features for your customers:

  • List all enabled application
  • Handle the Auth flow
  • Manage integration
  • Search for integrations
  • Integration configuration for your end user

Dynamic field mapping feature is currently not supported in the hosted auth flow.

To get started, follow the 2 steps:

  1. Generate Hosted Url
  2. Redirect to hosted connect

Hosted URL

To use Hosted flow, you will need to first get the hosted URL. This can be achieved by making a POST request to the Session Token API to create a valid session for a user along with the hosted url. Check out the REST API documentation for more details. The generated URL can be then used to redirect the user to the hosted UI (, or can be embedded within your UI.

Redirect to Connect

Once you have the hosted_url you can redirect the user to the hosted Cobalt Connect. Connect displays your enabled application. Your user can select the application they want to connect and are then prompted to log in to their account.

You can modify the UI of Cobalt connect with the hosted_properties

color_hexModify the theme color of Cobalt connect
customer_nameDisplay name of your end customer
logoDisplay Logo of your end customer