Linked Accounts refers to the end-users or customers of our users who utilize the integrations built using the Cobalt platform.

Creating Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts can be created either through the Cobalt Dashboard or via the API.

via Dashboard

In the Cobalt Dashboard, navigate to the Linked Account section and click on + Add Account button in the right corner, where they have two options for adding linked accounts:

Create Linked Account Form:

Users can utilize the intuitive Create Linked Account form, where they provide essential details such as the Linked Account ID, Name and optionally add an UDF parameter if required. This method is ideal for adding individual linked accounts manually.

Learn more about UDF parameters in detail here.

Create a single Linked Account

Bulk CSV Import:

Alternatively, users can opt for the bulk CSV import option, enabling them to add multiple linked accounts in one go. Simply click on Multiple in the Create Linked Account form and upload the CSV File. The sample format of the CSV can be checked by clicking on Download Sample CSV. This streamlined approach is particularly useful for clients managing large volumes of linked accounts efficiently.

Create multiple Linked Accounts using CSV

via API

For users seeking programmatic control and automation, Cobalt offers the flexibility to create linked accounts via the API. By utilizing the Create Linked Account API endpoint, users can integrate linked account creation into their existing workflows and systems.

Refer below to understand how you can implement it:

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <api-key>' \
--data '{
"linked_account_id": "<string>",
"name": "<string>",
"your_app": {}

Managing Linked Accounts

Once created, linked accounts provide users with access to detailed information about their end-users or customers, empowering them to monitor and optimize the end-user experience effectively. Users can gain insights into various metrics, including the number of authenticated apps utilized by each linked account and the active workflows associated with them.

Information about a Linked Account

To learn more about the metrics that can be viewed for a Linked Account, read our guide on Overview of Linked Account.

Deleting Linked Account

The Cobalt Dashboard equips users with the capability to delete connections or Linked Accounts directly, providing them with enhanced control over their end-users’ experience. This functionality ensures that users can manage and maintain their linked accounts efficiently, addressing any changes or updates as needed.

To individually remove a connected Integration of the Linked Account, just click on the Bin icon in the respective row.

To delete a Linked Account, simply click on the Delete Account button in the bottom left of the Linked Account page and confirm that you want to delete it.

Delete a Linked Account