Schedule Logs provide users with visibility into scheduled workflows and their associated details, facilitating efficient management and monitoring of automated processes. These logs offer insights into which workflows are scheduled, their configurations, and status, empowering users to streamline workflow orchestration and optimization.

To access the Schedule Logs, navigate to the Logs section in Cobalt and select the Schedules tab.

Schedule Logs Cobalt

Overview of Schedule Logs

In Cobalt, Schedule Logs offer a comprehensive view of scheduled workflows, displaying essential information such as:

Workflow Name and ID: Identifies the workflow scheduled for execution.

Schedule Cron: Specifies the cron expression defining the schedule for workflow execution.

Event: Indicates the Event ID triggering the scheduled workflow.

Linked Account ID: Associates the scheduled workflow with a specific linked account.

Created Date: Indicates when the scheduled workflow was created for the linked account.

Status: Reflects the current status of the scheduled workflow, either Active or Inactive.

These details enable users to quickly identify scheduled workflows, understand their configurations, and track their status within the Cobalt platform.

Utilizing Schedule Logs

Schedule Logs serve as a valuable tool for users to manage and monitor scheduled workflows effectively. By leveraging Schedule Logs, users can:

Identify Scheduled Workflows

Easily locate workflows that are scheduled for execution by reviewing the Schedule Logs.

Review Workflow Configurations

Access detailed information about each scheduled workflow, including its cron schedule, event, and associated linked account.

Navigate to Workflows

Seamlessly navigate to the respective workflows by clicking on their names within the Schedule Logs, enabling users to make modifications or adjustments as needed.