Workflow logs in Cobalt provide users with a comprehensive view of workflow execution, offering detailed insights and advanced functionalities for efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.

With advanced features such as detailed execution details, request/response data, and contextual information, workflow logs enable users to gain deeper insights into the execution process and ensure optimal performance.

To view the Logs, navigate to Logs in Cobalt and check the Executions tab.

Workflow Logs Cobalt

Key Functionalities

Workflow Logs or Executions is able to provide various details about a workflow that was executed, like the basic information about workflow, errors that occured or even filter out the Workflow logs based on various criterias.

To test a workflow in Cobalt, user can also execute a workflow through the Try API section in Cobalt.

To learn more about Try API and how it can be used, refer to our guide here.

Some of the key functionalities of Workflow logs are described in details below:

Advanced Filtering Options:

Users can apply various filters to search for specific workflows based on criteria such as Status, Workflow Name, Linked Account ID, Application or Date. This advanced filtering capability enables users to quickly locate relevant workflows and focus on areas requiring attention.

Filter Logs in Cobalt

Detailed Workflow Details:

Users can click on any Workflow within the logs to access more detailed information. This feature allows users to delve deeper into individual workflows, providing insights into the execution flow, status, and any associated errors.

Details of a Workflow in Cobalt

Retry Functionality:

For workflows that encounter errors, users have the option to retry execution by clicking on the Retry button in the top right corner of the Workflow details.

The retry functionality is limited to a single attempt, ensuring controlled execution and preventing potential issues.
Retry an errored Workflow in Cobalt

Node Activity Details:

In the details of each workflow, users can view the activity of individual nodes present in the workflow. This includes information about the status or errors encountered by each node, execution duration, response etc. providing granular insights into the execution flow and potential points of failure.

Execution details of Workflow nodes in Cobalt

Users can navigate through workflow logs and access advanced functionalities directly within the Cobalt dashboard. By selecting specific filters and criteria, users can refine their search and focus on relevant workflows. Additionally, users can drill down into individual workflow details to analyze execution activity and troubleshoot any issues encountered.