The Custom Code node in Cobalt enables users to execute custom functions within workflows, allowing for flexible and tailored automation solutions. Users can leverage their preferred programming language to create custom logic and functionality.

Custom Code Input Fields

The Custom Code node Input Fields consists of three sections:

Variable Parameters

In this section, users can define the variable parameters required for the custom code execution. These parameters can be used within the code to customize the behavior based on dynamic inputs.

Language Selection

Users can choose the programming language for the custom code execution from the available options: Python or JavaScript. The selected language determines the syntax and capabilities available for writing the custom code.

Custom Code

In this section, the user can write their own custom code which they want to get executed within the writeYourCode function.

Custom Code Node in Cobalt

Steps to Use Custom Code Node

To utilize the Custom Code node effectively, follow these steps:

Create Workflow

Begin by navigating to the respective app and creating a new workflow. Add an event and publish the workflow to activate it.

Add Custom Code Node

Within the workflow, add a Custom Code node as per your requirement along with other nodes to define the workflow flow.

Configure Custom Code

Define Variable Parameters

Specify the variable parameters required for the custom code execution in the Variable Parameters section. These parameters can be accessed within the code to customize its behavior dynamically.

Select Language

Choose the programming language for the custom code execution by selecting either Python or JavaScript from the dropdown list.

Write Code

Once the language is selected, users can write the custom code in the designated code editor. The code should be written within the writeYourCode function, where it will be executed during workflow execution.

Refer below to the functions for the Custom Code:

Define Node Rule Conditions

Optionally, add Node Rule Conditions to the Custom Code node to specify conditions under which the custom code will be executed. Configure the conditions using the same approach as a Rule node, specifying variables, operators, and values.

Learn more about Rule Node here.

These conditions can be configured to Match Any Conditions or Match All Conditions, depending on the workflow requirements.

Workflow Execution with Custom Code Node

During workflow execution, the Custom Code node executes the custom code defined by the user, passing any specified variable parameters as inputs. The output of the custom code execution can be captured and used in subsequent steps of the workflow.

By leveraging the Custom Code node in Cobalt, users can extend the capabilities of their workflows by incorporating custom logic and functionality tailored to their specific requirements.