The Group Node in Cobalt’s Workflow feature allows users to iterate over entities or execute a series of actions for a fixed number of iterations. This node enhances workflow flexibility by enabling repetitive actions or looping over arrays with ease.

To incorporate repetitive actions or iterate over arrays within a workflow, users simply place the desired action nodes inside the Group Node and provide values for the input fields based on their requirements. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of executing multiple actions sequentially or iterating over arrays seamlessly within workflows.

Group Node in Cobalt


The Group Node offers two distinct actions to choose from:

Iterating Array:

Select this action when iterating over an array. When using this action, the user specifies the array to iterate over and decides whether to execute actions serially.

Fixed Iteration:

Choose this action when you want to iterate a fixed number of times. With this action, users define the number of iterations and determine whether to execute actions serially.

Input Fields

The input fields for the Group Node vary based on the selected action:

Fields for Iterating Array Action


Specify the array to iterate over. Users can provide the name of the array using Dataslots or Nodes.

Execute Serially?:

Determine whether to execute actions serially. This parameter defaults to false and can be set to either true or false.

Iterating Array Action in Cobalt

Fields for Fixed Iteration Action

Number of Iterations:

Define the number of iterations for the fixed iteration. Users can provide the value for the number of iterations using Dataslots or Nodes.

Execute Serially?:

Similar to the iterating array action, this parameter specifies whether to execute actions serially and defaults to false.

Fixed Iteration action in Cobalt

The Group Node offers enhanced workflow flexibility, enabling users to perform repetitive tasks efficiently and iterate over arrays with ease.