The Try API feature in Cobalt allows users to simulate event execution, providing a convenient way to test workflows and validate the behavior of associated actions. By firing events from the Try API interface, users can verify the correctness and responsiveness of their workflows, ensuring seamless integration and execution within the Cobalt platform.

The Try API feature can be utilized in both Production and Test environments, providing flexibility for testing and validation purposes.

Events selected through the Try API interface can serve as triggers within workflows, enabling comprehensive testing of workflow execution and automation logic. The payload associated with the selected event is automatically loaded within the Try API interface, allowing users to make necessary modifications before firing the event.This feature empowers developers to customize event payloads on the fly, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in testing scenarios.


Before utilizing the Try API feature, ensure that the Application is connected and configured properly.


To fire an event in the Try API section, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Application for which you want to create and test a workflow.
  • Create a workflow and add an event along with associated actions. Publish the workflow to make it available for execution.

Learn more about how to create workflows here.

  • Enable the workflow for a Linked Account after making a successful connection through authenticating.
  • Navigate to the Try API section in Cobalt.
  • Select the Linked Account, choose the desired Event from the available options, specify the Application associated with the workflow. Optionally, select a Config ID if required.

If an Application is not selected for Try API, then all the workflows in the associated Linked Account with the selected Event will be fired.

  • Click on the Fire Event button in the top right.
Try API Section in Cobalt

Expected Result

Upon firing the event using the Try API feature, it will be logged within the Cobalt system. You can check the logs of the events by navigating to Events tab in the Logs section in Cobalt.

Logs of Try API in Cobalt