The Workflow Builder in Cobalt provides developers with a powerful visual tool to build integrations with third-party APIs without requiring in-depth knowledge of each API provider. Workflows consist of triggers and steps, allowing for seamless automation and data flow between applications.

With Workflows, developers can easily implement common integration use cases such as pushing data from their application to users’ apps, receiving real-time updates through webhooks, and enabling non-technical teams to configure integrations without coding.

Here are some examples of Workflows for popular integrations:

  • Slack: Send notifications from your application to Slack channels.
  • Salesforce: Sync contacts from your application to Salesforce CRM.
  • HubSpot: Sync contacts between HubSpot and your application.
  • Google Calendar: Create events in Google Calendar based on events in your application.

The Workflow Builder simplifies the integration process, empowering developers to create seamless and efficient data flows between applications with ease.