If you have followed the Implementation Guide completely, your application is ready for deployment. The following checklist is focused list of recommendations to validate that your application is ready for deployment. This will ensure a seamless experience for your customers, make your integration more robust and secure, and set you up for success when you launch into production.

Integrate Cobalt Auth flow

Cobalt auth flows lets your users connect their integration accounts. It stores the credentials securely and lets you make authorized API calls on your users’ behalf.

Design a seamless connection experience

  • Create a smooth frontend to display the integrations to your customers.
  • Create a Linked Account for the user whenever he signs up to the platform.
  • Display Auth text to your customer when they want to connect to an integration. If the application is key-based, provide them the instructions to get the API Key.

Configure Integration

Configure the integration that you want to enable for your customers, correctly in the Cobalt Dashboard.

  • Ensure that the correct Client ID and Client Secret are used in the OAuth app Setup.
  • Check if the Callback URL provided by Cobalt has been added to your OAuth app.
  • The scopes selected in the OAuth app should be correct for the actions that you want to perform.

Integrate Cobalt API or SDK

Following steps are recommended to build a resilient integration using the API or SDK.

Handle Responses

  • Parse through the response received and use the required fields from it.

Handle Errors

  • Your application should be able to handle errors you may receive from API Call or SDK Method call.
  • Handle Re-Authentication of users if required for any application.

Workflows implementation

It is necessary to ensure that the Workflows created for your users are logically optimal and are able to provide the required functionality.

  • Ensure that the Workflow created is optimized and can provide the required functionality covering all the cases with minimum no. of nodes.
  • Workflow Failures are properly handled on your platform.
  • Check if the access of a workflow is provided to the required Linked accounts or not using the Access Control.

Actions and Triggers of the Workflow For a workflow, it is essential that the correct information is read and write.

Testing Workflows

Test the integration and go live

Before going live, it is valuable to know the test scenarios for your Cobalt integration.

  • An integration involves different test scenarios which should be thoroughly tested.
  • Some integrations provide free Sandbox/trial accounts which should be used for testing before going live.


The following steps will ensure you and your team is set up for success once your Cobalt integration has gone live.

  • You can contact Cobalt Support either by sending an email to integrations@gocobalt.io, or @Cobalt Support if you have a shared Slack channel with Cobalt.