Allowing Access to Cobalt

Account owners have the option to grant Cobalt access to their account by clicking the Allow Access button. This action enables Cobalt to perform certain tasks or access specific data within the account, as authorized by the account owner. Account Owners can revoke the access by clicking on the Revoke Access button. By default, access to the account is restricted to the account owner, ensuring data privacy and security.


Access Approval History

The Access section provides visibility into the Access Approval History, allowing users to track and monitor access requests over time. Each access request is logged with a status indicating whether it is Active or Revoked, providing account owners with insight into the current access permissions granted to Cobalt.

Compliance and Security

The Access feature in Cobalt is designed to meet compliance requirements while prioritizing data privacy and security. By giving account owners full control over their account access and providing transparency into access approval history, Cobalt ensures that organizations can maintain regulatory compliance and safeguard sensitive data effectively.