The Brand section within Cobalt’s Account Management offers users the ability to customize the visual representation and user experience of their brand across Linked Accounts. This section comprises two key components: Branding and Redirection.

Brand Section


The Branding component allows users to define the visual identity of their brand by selecting primary and button colors. These colors serve as the cornerstone of the brand’s visual identity and are reflected in the user interface of Linked Accounts.

Users can specify the primary color, which represents the main color theme of the brand, and the button color, which determines the color of interactive elements. Color selection can be done by entering the hexadecimal code or choosing from a color palette. This customization empowers users to align the appearance of Linked Accounts with their brand identity, enhancing brand consistency and recognition.

After selecting the colours and clicking on the Save button, the user can see the changes reflecting in the Linked Accounts.

Linked Account Interface


The Redirection component enables users to configure three essential URLs that enhance the customer experience within Linked Accounts:

App Redirection

Users can specify the URL where customers will be redirected upon completing the linking process. This redirection ensures a seamless transition for customers and enhances user engagement post-linking.

Privacy Policy URL

Users can provide the URL to their privacy policy, which will be prominently displayed within Linked Accounts. This transparency helps build trust with customers by providing clear information on data handling and privacy practices.

Terms of Use URL

Users can specify the URL to their terms of use, ensuring that customers have access to important legal information governing the use of Linked Accounts. This enhances transparency and compliance while fostering trust and confidence among users.

Redirection section

By leveraging the Brand section, users can effectively tailor the visual representation and user experience of their brand within Linked Accounts, strengthening brand identity and customer engagement.